Tips: 5 Ways to Wellbeing

Small improvements in our wellbeing can help to decrease some mental health problems and also help us to get more out of life.

These 5 ways to wellbeing are proven to improve personal wellbeing. Read the full document.

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SLEEP TIPS - For more information and tips on sleep

Visit the Sleep Foundation -

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SLEEP TIP - Try the Mindfulness course at the Recovery College

Mindfulness has been shown to improve our emotional regulation, which can help sleep.

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SLEEP TIP - Do some gentle stretching or progressive muscle relaxation

This will encourage your whole body to relax and help you sleep -

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Read about recovery, self management and spotting warning signs

Visit Rethink -

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SLEEP TIP - If you can’t sleep within 15 minutes of going to bed - stop trying: go to another room or sit in a chair and read a book. Return to bed when you feel sleepy again

This will strengthen the association of bed with sleep rather than being awake.

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SLEEP TIP - Have pen and paper by your bed to jot down worrying thoughts or ideas

This may help stop you going over and over them.

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SLEEP TIP - Take a warm bath or shower at least an hour before bedtime

The rise and fall in body temperature supports the release of sleep enhancing hormone melatonin.

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SLEEP TIP - Avoid using your phone, iPad or laptop an hour before going to bed, and avoid using them in bed. Remove digital distractions like TV from your bedroom.

The backlight on devices suppresses melatonin - the hormone that helps you sleep. If you do need to use them change the display settings to reduce the brightness (blue light exposure).

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SLEEP TIP - Avoid caffeine, nicotine and alcohol 4 hours before bed and avoid late meals or snacking

These can all be stimulating for your body and mind.

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SLEEP TIP - Avoid daytime napping even if you have not slept well the night before

If you have to have a nap, limit it to 20 minutes and avoid napping after 5pm.

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SLEEP TIP - Ensure you go outside in natural daylight every day and try regular exercise

This can regulate your internal body clock and help you concentrate, sleep, look and feel better.

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Do you think you could try something new today.

Maybe taste a new food or travel a new route. These small steps can help you experience the world in a new way.

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Set a memory challenge, for example work towards remembering all the countries in Europe or recognising their flags.

This can also boost your confidence and occupy your mind in a positive and active way.

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Why not cook something different today.

Learning can boost your self confidence.

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Learn more about something that interests you - take a book out from the library, discuss it or look it up online.

Learning can help boost your self-confidence.

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Create a goal for yourself based on one of the 5 ways to wellbeing.

Share your own tips, or suggest an addition or amendment to this page.

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